I am very happy to announce that "The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems", edited by David Shuker and Leigh Simmons, is now available from bookshops or directly from Oxford University Press. This book is a multi-author volume to celebrate and update the classic Thornhill & Alcock (1983) book. I had the great privilege to work on this project, where I co-authored chapter 7 (entitled "Alternative phenotypes within mating systems") with Leigh Simmons and Joe Tomkins. Interestingly, I was born in the same month and year as the original book from Thornhill and Alcock, a book that influenced me so much. Now, the new version of "The Evolution of Insect Mating Systems" is published just a couple of days after my 31st birthday!

Post date: Jul 31, 2014 4:44:53 AM