Teaching award finalist @MQ

Teaching has always been extremely rewarding to me. I get to constantly interact with brilliant young minds, which in itself is an invaluable learning experience, and I also really enjoy the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for nature with my students. So you can imagine how happy I was to be nominated by 18 of my students for the a 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Student Nominated Award here at Macquarie University — check out the website here. I have also recently been gifted a beautiful tie (photo on the left) from Xinwei Wang, a Visiting Associate Professor in the department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Macquarie Uni who sat through my lectures to further her grasp on biology. Thanks so much for the wonderful gift Xinwei, I am touched that you liked my lectures!

Finally, I also wanted to mention that the best performing student in the unit I convened last semester (Organisms to Ecosystems) was given a free copy of the book Life: The Science of Biology (Sadava et al.) as a prize for having performing so amazingly well. Mohamed Iyaaz Abdul Matheen was not only the top student in my unit, but he had the best performance I've ever seen in a unit — he scored 99% out of 100 marks! Mohamed comes from the Maldives, and we are lucky to have him as a student here at Macquarie University! Well done, Mohamed, and I hope to see you around the department excelling in other units and starting a brilliant career in whatever you decide to pursue!

Post date: Aug 27, 2019 4:0:43 AM