Fellow of the HEA

Last week I was granted the status of Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (an institution now known as Advance HE), which means that my teaching practice has been recognized as achieving the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education. I am absolutely stoked with this awards, as it's the first official recognition of my teaching skills in higher education. This also allows me to use the postnominal FHEA after my name, which looks very serious and important!

Getting this fellowship was not easy, and involved attending workshops, being trained in writing reflective accounts of my practice, and finally submitting a 3,000 application to the HEA. But it was a fantastic experienced, I learned a lot, and I hope it's just the first of my accomplishments as a university lecturer. Also, Macquarie University keeps a page with the record of their staff holding these fellowships (here), and I am happy to see my name already in there under the Faculty of Science and Engineering tab.

Post date: Feb 22, 2019 7:23:9 AM