Conditional trimorphism in the J Theor Biol

A few years ago, my interest in male dimorphism led me to a collaboration with professors Mark Rowland and Clifford Qualls, from the University of New Mexico. Our collaboration had the purpose of putting forward a model for conditional trimorphisms, which is an extension of the 'environmental threshold model' from quantitative genetics, designed to account for trimorphisms with two thresholds, and compatible with the 'rock-paper-scissors model' of evolutionary game theory. Unfortunately, I was devastated to hear that Mark passed away in early 2015, at the very start of our collaboration. Publishing this paper then became a mission where Clifford and I joined forces (Clifford on the side of the maths, and myself with the evolutionary biology perspective) to make sure Mark's ideas would be published and available in the literature for anyone working on the rare but incredibly interesting cases of trimorphism in nature. The Journal of Theoretical Biology has just published this paper, and you can find it here.

Post date: Mar 22, 2017 7:3:2 AM