R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Between 2011 and 2016 I was involved in organizing the R-group at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Western Australia. Our group had monthly meetings to discuss statistical methods and issues in our research, share knowledge of R language and relevant statistical packages, and host guest presentations. We also have an e-mailing list (still active) that is used to discuss individual problems that our members are having when analysing their data in R. Feel free to join our mailing list if you are an R user based at UWA.

Interesting discussions in our mailing list — our local R forum

Our mailing list also works as an R forum as well. We currently have more than 40 members in the list, and each of them could potentially be the expert on the type of analysis you are having problems with. Also, unlike regular R forums on the internet, most of us are based here at the UWA Crawley campus, so when we start discussions on the list it is easy to follow them up, forge new collaborations, and make the most of our community of R users. If you want to send a question or discussion topic to our list, join the list first, and then email your message to r-group@maillists.uwa.edu.au. Also, please follow these guidelines when posting questions on the list.

This is a link to the mailing list archives. Some interesting discussions can be found below:

Examples of Past Sessions Presented in our Group

with annotated R scripts, explanatory slides and data files

Basics of R language

  1. Session 1 (Nov 2013 - math, logic, objects, functions) [R script] [slides]

  2. Session 2 (Dec 2013 - data frames, indexing, subscripts) [R script] [slides] [Fictional data]

  3. Session 3 (Apr 2014 - classic tests and a bit of plotting) [R script] [slides] [Fictional data]

Principal Components Analysis (May 2014 - FactoMineR)

[R script]

Mixed effects models and 0 inflation

(June 2014 - glmmADMB and lme4)

[R script] [data]

Programming 'for loops' (July 2014) [R script 1] [data 1] [R script - permutation test]

3D plotting of model predictions

(August 2014 - 3D perspective plots)

[R script 1] [R script 2] ['fake data']

[script to create the 'fake data']

Spatial analyses of retina cells

(September 2014 - 2D contour plots)

[R script] [data]

[Garza-Gisholt et al, 2014 - PLoS One]

Introduction to nonlinear regression

(October 2014 - including Self-starting models)

[R script] [data] [solutions for the exercises]

Permutation / randomisation tests (November 2014)

[R script for the session]

Functions for permutational paired tests [paired.permtest] [paired.t.perm]

Plotting predictions from logistic models

(February 2015 - using 'popbio' and 'ggplot2')

[R script for the session] [Post session script]

[Bob Black's additions explained]

Analysis of binomial data (March-April 2015)

[R script for the session]

Tree-based analysis (April 2015)[R script for the session] [data*]*please seek permission from Keren Raiter for any use of the data other than R study and training purposes

Power for paired data GLMMs (May 2015)

[R script for the session] [data 1] [data 2]

Model averaging (August 2015)[R script for the session]Given that the data for this session are still unpublished, please contact Mark Murphy here to request it if you want to run the script with his data as an example.

Phylogenetic regression (October 2015)[R script for the session] [data 1] [tree]

Population viability analysis (November 2015)

[R script for the session] [data]